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  • Our enthusiasm and dedication culture to academic performance make the Aquinas SHS one of the best in the country.
  • Aquinas' Building Blocks.
  • The School's multipurpose sports court.
  • Rewarding discipline.
  • Sacred Heart; Sacred Mind.
  • Traditions and cultures are well respected in our students' learning process.
  • Inspection of the School Cadet by the Head.
  • School Entrance.
  • To all our unsung heroes.
  • The head and staff residences.
  • Aquinas Chapel's Services is dedicated to the community's spiritual awareness.
  • We always thank the Lord for giving inspiration to those who inspire us. Father Benson meets Father Burke in the USA.
  • Habitual health activities on campus for the community.
  • The School Choir.
  • Physical activities that bond our stakeholders.
  • We share our happy moments!
  • Our Teachers, Mentors and Tutors have been wonderful in support over the years. Ayekoo!

The students of St. Thomas Aquinas school are very engaging, aspire to be successful and achieve  ... Read More of the Head's message.

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You are welcome to Saint Thomas Aquinas Senior High School. The School with a touch of EXCELLENCE in Quality Education.

We would like to thank you for visiting our website. We have a mission of producing confident, able and responsible citizens and future leaders.

Whoever you are, as a stakeholder, we hope you will find this website interesting and it will provide you with most of the information you seek about the school. Watch this space for more information, upcoming events and notices. You may also visit our needs’ page to see what you could donate to the school.

Thanks for your support over the years.